March 9, 2018

All you need to know about cardio workout without equipment

The human heart is made up of muscles. Cardio workout is an exercise that can raise or improves your heart rate. Cardio workout makes the cardio muscles stronger and stronger muscles make the body more efficient and healthy. A cardio workout exercise is simply a form of exercise that causes the increase in your respiration or breathing rate. Here are some cardio workouts which do not need any special equipment.


Walking is the first cardio workout method which is very known to people. Walking for half an hour to an hour until you feel wet of sweating is considered as walking exercise for the cardio workout. Waling for an hour burns about 300-400 calories. Due to this metabolism, heart rate becomes faster and cardiac muscles also get exercised.


The Running is the fast walking process. Running rapidly increases breathing rates or rate of respiration and simultaneously blood purification process increases in the lung. So, the hearts need to pump blood faster as well. Hence, cardiac muscle is exercised in an efficient way. Running burns around 600 calories of the body in 1 hour. Running must be broken out or stopped after you feel tired or have very fast breathing.


Swimming is taken as the most efficient methods to burn calories of the body in short period of time. Swimming has not only benefits to strengthen body muscles, it also makes cardiac improves in a great way. Swimming for half an hour helps in improving the heart muscles and in improving lungs also. If you don’t have the swimming pool in your home, you can go nearer rivers and ponds or lakes for swimming. But note it that:  if you don’t have the skill of floating in water, please don’t go for swimming alone. Before, you can learn it from your friends and swimming specialists.

Stair Climbing

The stair climbing is another popular and easiest home workout to burn fat and calories. A 180-pound man can burn 500-600 calories in an hour by climbing up and down the staircase. Climbing stairs are the work done on our body against gravitational forces so while lifting up the whole body in a balanced way; it uses significantly more muscles than just walking. It strengthens legs in a functional way. People may feel tired quickly so the capacity to climbing staircases for long period increases the muscles of breathing and cardiac. If possible, carry some weighed bags and climbed staircase which will be more significant to burn extra calories. Climbing stairs burn about 600 calories per hour

Jumping Rope

Although it is a very high impact activity, jumping or jumping rope can provide a great cardio workout if done correctly. It is benefits for calves and shoulders as it affects these muscle groups quite vigorously.

Jumping a rope can burn more than 1000 calories from the body in each hour. But be careful, because due to jumping impact. It might lead to injuries to the lower legs or hip if it is done continuously for a long time. Its benefits as a cardio workout are that no special equipment is required, and it can burn high calories from the body and helps to increase metabolic activities of body and improves cardiac and chest muscles. It also helps to prevent osteoporosis (that is weakening and breaking of bone) due to its high impact nature.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

High-Intensity Interval Training is an exercise that is done for short intervals but has maximum intensity followed by short periods of rest.  It is also a good workout that can burn fat and calories. It helps to raise fat burning hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. It suppresses insulin levels in the body and finally helps to increase metabolic rate as other methods of cardio work out.


No equipment is necessary for sprinting. You can do these workouts anywhere. Sprinting is a very simple method which burns huge amounts of calories from the body. The best way to burn fat with sprinting is when you are outside on a track. Try the sprinting on a lap and then jog a lap. Then keep repeating this for as long as you can. You can sprint for 20-30 seconds, then slow the belt down and jog for a minute before repeating it again.

Side to Side PunchesSide to Side Punches

Side to side punches is another method of cardio workout. To do this, firstly stand by making your feet wider than hip distance.  Then turn your body to the right side so that your most of body weight bear on your right leg. After this punch out to the right side with your left arm and then bring your right leg towards your left after you skip up, lifting both the arms overhead. After this bring your most of your weight on your left leg and then you punch out with your right arms and so on.  Repeat this process for 40-50 times until you get tired or sweating up.

Push Up

Push up exercise is done mainly to strengthen the muscle of stomach and chests and necks. But it is also the very good effect on Cardiac muscles. Push up for 10-30 times burns huge calories from the body and ultimately increases breathing and heart rates.

Set up Exercise

This method is also helpful to burn huge calories from the body and rate of respiration and heart rate increases after you make 20-40 times of setup or crunches exercise.

Pull UpPull Up

While pulling the body up the hanging bars, huge energy is required to be burnt by the body. This huge release in calories impacts the breathing rate and cardiac muscles. No Special equipment is required to push up and pull up and easily can be done from home.

Mountain Climbers

This is another method of cardio workout in which no types of equipment are required.  Repeat this process until you are sweating off and lose some calories from the body.


Cycling can also be considered as cardio work out. No Special equipment is required other than a cycle.  It can burn around 600 calories every hour.