March 9, 2018

Top 5 flexibility exercises women should do at home

Flexibility exercises are those which stretch the muscles and also improve range of motion in the joints. Flexibility exercises are of two types, that is dynamic (in motion) flexibility exercise and static (in rest) flexibility exercise. Women can do flexibility exercise to improve their muscles and joints and to decrease body fats also. Here are some flexibility exercises that women can do at home:

Doing YogaDoing Yoga

Yoga is the group of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises or disciplined practices which are firstly originated India. Doing Yoga is very beneficial to both women and men of any age groups. Yoga has different benefits for women. Yoga builds muscle strength in women. It also improves the flexibility of the body. It makes good appearance and posture of the body. It has a significant role in improving inner health system like improving nerves, breathing and heart rate, controlling fats, increasing the strength of bones and cartilages and muscle. Also, it keeps women fresh and beautiful naturally because yoga activates the metabolism of all part of the body.

Dynamic, Static and Ballistic stretching exercise

Different types of flexible movements like lunges, push-ups, squats, set up side lunges, jumping jacks, and so on are the dynamic method of flexibility exercises. You can do this all type of exercises for 20-30 times a day.

Static stretching is the method of flexibility exercises which is done without body movements. Doing breathing exercises is an example of static stretching exercise. It improves chests and hip flexors.

Ballistic stretching is the process moving the body forcibly. It is usually done by quick and powerful movements. Attempting to touch the toes is an example of ballistic stretching. This may create some injury so be careful also. But it can give high flexibility and tighten muscles of women significantly.

Crunches and set up Exercise

This method is special for women who need to decrease belly fat rapidly. No other exercise burns belly fat faster than crunches. To do crunches exercise, first of all, lie down flat on the floor and then bend knees and feet.  After this lift your both hands and place them behind your head. Then raise up your head and don’t move legs while doing this. Then you should go back down, and come up again. Do this for 10 times as a beginner and increase your capacity furthermore.

Crunches are similar to push up but it burns more belly fats in women. Crunches can be of different types like normal crunches as described above, side crunches, reverse crunches, twist crunches, vertical leg crunches etc.

Push Up For WomenPush Up For Women

Push up is a classic exercise because it works the entire body. It burns a significant amount of fats in women body. Push up primarily targets the muscles of the chest and then arms, and shoulders. Doing Push up for women is required for stretching body and decreasing fats to some extent.  First of all, lie in the ground or floor and make your legs straight. Then take your both hands on the ground. After that, try to push up your body without making your legs movable (i.e don’t move your legs and keep straight). Rise up your body and hold hands then move down and don’t touch the floor. Only your fits and arms must hold your entire body. Repeat this process as you can. Count the number of up and down you are able to make. Women can do push up 10 to 20 times a day.

Other flexibility Exercises for women

Bridge Exercise for Women

Bridge exercise is used to improve core strength of several muscles mainly to arms, necks and backbone and its muscles. It also helps to provide the strength of shoulders and legs too. It helps to decrease belly fats also. To do bridge exercise, First of all, lie down on the ground and raise your body.  Hold it for at least 30 Seconds and take a break. Repeat this process for 20-30 minutes a day.

Superman Exercise for Women

Superman exercise is a type of flexibility exercise which is very helpful to stretch the different types of muscles. For women, superman exercise helps to tighten muscles and reduce fats and belly fats. This also helps the core strength of body. To do this, lay down on the ground. Then, make hand and leg straight. Raise your lower part and upper part of the body.  It is very useful for strengthening your lower back muscle and stomach. It also induces the strength of bone.

Dumbbell Exercise WomenDumbbell Exercise Women

Women can play with dumbbell also. Women who want to build up and stretch their muscles and improve bone strength can do exercise with a dumbbell. Women can reduce extra fats presents in hand and shoulder by doing exercises with the dumbbell.


It is the method of loading up the moderate amount of weights. Weights might be large dumbbell or others. Lift the weight up and lower it down as much as you can do until you get the maximal stretch in your traps. This method is helpful to increase the flexibility of hand.

Hamstrings Stretch

This method is also a flexibility exercise for a woman. To do this, sit on a floor and put your legs toward. Then bend your body without curving your back. Then, make an effort to get hands on your toes. Repeat this process and stretch your body. It is beneficial for reducing lower belly fat of women and improves flexibility.