March 9, 2018

What are the home workout exercise for children?

Like adult and aged people, children can do exercise also. There are several ways to do exercise at home with children. Department of Health and Human Services has published a guideline that children of age equals or older than 6 need at least an hour of physical activity daily. There are several exercises that children can do at home which are described below.


Children can walk minimum for 15-30 minutes daily but be being a playing group, how much they walk in a day cannot be predicted. Walking normally strengthens the bones and cartilages and joints in Children. It also improves muscle strength and improves body metabolism.

Cycling or Play Bicycle

Children love to do cycling. Cycling is not only good exercise for children but also for people who really want to fit the body and reduce fats from the body. It helps children to build up strong shoulders, increases concentrations and mind make up. It also improves the strength of legs and feet.


Swimming for children should be allowed in care of parents or guardians because they may not have a skill of floating. Swimming is very effective to children for proper physical growth, increasing the height of the body, as well as strengthening body muscles and bones. Swimming by children is to be done for 20-30 minutes and 3 times a week.


Planking is a home exercise for children as well as adults. To do planking, first of all, put your elbows on the floor, then raise up on the tips of your toes. After this, keep your back straight and your abs tight in a line. Hold that position as long as you can. 25 to 30 seconds is very good for children, who can hold it for that much longer time.

Kicking and Boxing

Teach them boxing and kicking. It is very helpful for co-ordination and mobility of the body. You can teach your children low kick and boxing by copying from movies and wrestling.


Push up is one of the best exercises that can be done in the home. Push up affects the muscles of the chest, stomach, shoulders, and arms. Children can do push up for 20-30 times daily. It also increases the metabolic activities of the body.

Playing Sports

Children can exercise by playing different kinds of sports also. Some of them are given below:

  • Playing Basketball
    It is very helpful for strengthening all muscles of children body and also induces growth of bone and height of children.
  • Playing Volleyball
    Children who play volleyball have great chance to increase the muscle power of hand. It also improves the strength of legs to some extent. Hand bones and shoulders build up quickly and hence it gives a good appearance to the children who play volleyball from the small age.
  • Skating
    Skating in the children not only gives the physical benefits but also grows up the mental concentration and thinking and orientation.
  • Playing Soccer
    It gives a lot of benefits to children if they play it regularly. It is good for keeping body fitness and healthier. It grows your power or stamina of children. Muscles and bones are also build up. Best time to play football is at early morning or at an evening.
  • Tennis
    It increases the metabolic activities in every organ of the body. It has direct impacts on shoulder muscles and leg muscles growth and strength


Running is physically very good for children body. It improves the muscles and bones of legs and hands. It also helps to increase the strength of chest and stomach.

Superman Exercise for children

The Superman is one of a great way to strengthen lower back and tone gluts. It can also be done by Children. Superman exercise mainly targets the erector spine, which a group of muscles that extend from the base of the skull to the sacrum. It improves back strength. It prevents the back pain of the body and also improves posture.

Skipping ropeSkipping rope

Jumping a rope is also the best workout that children can do. It affects all the major muscle groups in the body. Jumping a rope just for short time helps to build the muscles and also burns fat.


Dancing is another way of doing physical exercise by children. Children can dance at home in different kinds of music and keep their body fit and fine.


Yoga is the group of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises or disciplined practices which are firstly originated India. Doing Yoga is also very beneficial to children. Yoga has different benefits for children. Yoga builds muscle strength in the children. It also improves the flexibility of the body. It makes good appearance and posture of the body. It has the significant role in improving inner health system like improving nerves, breathing and heart rate, controlling fats, increasing the strength of bones and cartilages and muscle. Also, it keeps women fresh and beautiful naturally because yoga activates the metabolism of all part of the body. Children who do Yoga exercise regularly may not have to face health disorders in future.

Use of Stairs

Instead of using a lift, children can use stairs or ladders. Climbing stairs gives a very excellent workout to the hips, the legs, and the butt. It is also very helpful for strengthening the heart and chest muscles.