March 9, 2018

What are the main home exercises to strengthen your muscles?

Muscle strength refers to the amount of force that can be produced by a typical muscle. Muscle strength is the ability of a muscle to give maximal impact and effect of force against an object. Every people in the world don’t want to be weaker physically. So exercises are the best way to increase your power and strength of muscles. Home exercises are the exercises that are possible in an economical way as well as in an effective way.  Here are some different kinds of home exercises that are very effective to grow your muscle strength.


Swimming is taken as the most effective home exercise to strengthen your body muscle. Swimming is beneficial for heart muscle and it also improves lung muscles. You can swim every day for few and half hours. If you don’t have the swimming pool in your home, you can go nearer rivers and ponds or lakes. But note it that:  if you don’t have the skill of floating in water, please don’t go for swimming alone. Before, you can learn swimming from your friends and swimming specialists.


Push-up primarily targets the muscles of the chest and then arms and shoulders. Doing Push up is very easier. First of all, lie in the ground or floor and make your legs straight. Then take your both hands on the ground. After that, try to push up the body without making your legs movable (i.e don’t move your legs and keep straight). Rise up your body and hold hands then move down and don’t touch the floor. Only your fits and arms must hold the entire body. Repeat this process as you can. Count the number of Push Up you can make. Men can do push up nearly 20-30 times a day while children and women can do it nearly 10 to 20 times a day.

Set up and Crunch Exercise

This method of exercise is very good to strengthen the muscle of your neck, the muscle of your backbone and shoulders. It also stretches the muscle of legs. To do this, lie on the ground in facing toward the sky.  Then take your both hands below your head and hold corresponding fingers. Put both of your legs straight or fold at the certain angle with grounds and don’t move it while doing this exercise. And finally, pull up your head by hands and try to touch legs and go back to the floor again. Repeat this process as you can. 40-50 times for a man and 30-40 times for a woman is recommended.

Playing VolleyballUse of Hand grippers

If you have good knowledge of playing volleyball, it can be your one of the best home sports for tightening up your body. It strengthens every muscle of the body mainly muscle of fingers, arms, shoulders, and legs etc. Volleyball is considered as the healthiest sport because it increases the metabolic rate of our body rapidly. Playing volleyball burns lots o calories of our body. Playing volleyball for half an hour can burn up to 140 calories during a normal game. In the tournament, people can burn up to 180 calories in 30 minutes.

Use of Hand grippers

It gives a very high tensional force while pressing two handles. Take this gripper and try to compress it with your one hand. Try to touch the two handles by compressing it. Hold this for the maximum time that you can withstand and then try it with your other hand. This method is the great method to increase the hand power and fingers power.

Ball Squeeze Exercise

This is similar to hand grippers but the tensional ball is used instead of hand gripper. It also increases hand muscle powers. Work out on your hand by ball squeezing strengthens and bulks up muscles and also gives your arms a powerful appearance.

Pull up

Pull up is one of the best work out that can be done at home. As shown in the figure below, first of all, grip the bar by jumping and hang your body. Then try to go up and then and then go down but don’t leave to hold in your hands.  Count the number of pull up that you can do. In next day, try to break the previous record.  If you are capable of making of 20 times a day, it is the very excellent work in the pull-up. Pull up strengthens your hand muscles mainly. It grows the power of hand and also helps to build up the body. It also helps to give strength to abdominal level.

Playing Soccer/Football

You can increase muscles strength by playing football. It helps to strengthen your muscle of legs, the muscle of shoulders & arms, muscle of stomach, chest muscle and muscle neck and other body muscles. Playing football helps to strengthen your bone and cartilages and is also good muscles to bones bonding. You can play football at home for 20-40 minutes daily.

Dumbbell Workout at HomeDumbbell Workout at Home

People who are interested in fitness and strengthening muscles, need to know about the dumbbell. There are a lot of adjustable size dumbbells. You can afford any of them depending on your age and part of muscles to be strengthened up. Dumbbells are mainly used for increasing size of muscles and it is also a good method to increase the muscles power.

Bridge Exercise

The bridge is used to improve core strength of several muscles mainly to arms, necks and backbone and its muscles. It also helps to provide the strength of shoulders and legs too. To do bridge exercise, First of all, lie down on the ground and raise your body as shown in the figure above.  Hold it for at least 30 Seconds and take a break. Repeat this process for 20-30 minutes a day.

Superman Exercise

This is a type of core strength exercise. To do this, lay down on the ground as shown in the figure. Then, make hand and leg straight as shown. Raise your lower part and upper part of the body.  It is very useful for strengthening your lower back muscle and stomach. It also induces the strength of bone.